Technology Innovations

The technology in each emotion-caddy is the result of 30 years of electronic and software engineering experience from one of the leading engineering companies in Germany. The emotion caddies were designed and developed by Dr. Rolf Strothmann, an avid golfer and world famous engineer. The idea was simple, bring together the best designs, best materials and latest technology to create the lightest, easiest to use, most advanced caddy
on the market.

The technology is cutting edge; each part designed to be used in the emotion line of caddies. From the patented "cog-less" electric motors in each wheel providing smooth, silent, and powerful operation without any gears or drivelines to wear out and make noise, to the patented sensor in the grip, allowing the emotion to effortlessly follow your every movement; no buttons or dials to worry about. From the simple, lightweight, folding frame that allows the emotion-caddy to fold down to a size to fit in any car, to the Lithium Magnesium battery that is lightweight and powerful, and can be recharged over 1,700 times. Each part of the emotion-caddy was custom designed and manufactured in Germany to provide many years of trouble-free service.
Discover the science of emotion technology.